Awake is honored to be a selected as a finalist for the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest. The finals will take place at 1:30 PM on April 16 at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, and the winner will be announced at 4:3o PM the same day. Come by and root for Awake as we compete for the coveted title of “Most Innovative Start Up”.

Awake Security was chosen as a finalist for its unique ability to combat modern attackers who have changed their tactics as they look to circumvent defenses that increasingly are able to discover and block malware. These threat actors now exploit tools that every organization needs to run their business and operate their IT function. Awake not only uncovers this new attacker behavior, but takes all the information and resources an analyst might use to investigate and/or hunt for these threats and puts it at their fingertips, thereby enabling conclusive and rapid response. 

Awake's Unique Approach:
  • Delivers comprehensive analysis of network traffic by automatically building context on the source and destination entities
  • Uses artificial intelligence to score the entities and identify the highest risk devices, users or domains
  • Detects the most evasive threats such as file-less malware and exposes attacker command and control infrastructure
  • Combines institutional knowledge with machine learning and AI for conclusive response
  • Requires no agents, manual configuration or training period