Darktrace vs. Awake Security Comparison Guide

First-generation Behavioral Analytics Compared to Advanced Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

darktrace vs Awake - reportThis document compares the two companies’ platforms according to the critical criteria that matter most to enterprise customers: the data being processed, the machine learning and other data science techniques applied to this data, the use cases thus enabled, and the operational considerations around deployment and extensibility.


In this paper, you will learn more about:

  • Data Sources and Visibility
  • Machine Learning and Automated Correlation
  • Detection and Response Use Cases
  • Deployment and Extensibility

Choosing an NTA platform that is the best fit for an organization will have a strong impact on the organization’s ability to effectively detect and quickly respond to suspicious activity, and to thus attain a stronger security posture. A Darktrace comparison to Awake Security highlights the difference between the first generation of behavioral analytics approaches and the newer advanced network traffic analysis solutions.