In founding and building Awake Security, our team sat elbow-to-elbow with 200+ security teams. From these interactions, four prevalent themes emerged:

  • Existing enterprise security tools are designed to detect / prevent threats but provide scarce context to people tasked with investigating those threats.
  • Newer orchestration solutions do not help in this regard either, focusing instead on automating remediation playbooks.
  • Organizations with investments in these areas experience an investigation gap between detection and remediation.
  • The slow and inconclusive investigations that result mean the clear majority of known critical threats never get investigated and proactive hunting for previously unknown threats is elusive for most organizations.
White paper: Today's SOC Is BrokenRead this whitepaper to: 
  • Understand Awake’s research and the key findings it uncovered about the state of security operations today.
  • Learn about the approach to solve for these challenges.
  • See how Awake automates the most onerous and frustrating parts of the analyst’s job and thus places the information security teams need, at their fingertips.

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